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InBody 230

InBody, made by Biospace, is the world’s first body composition analysis device that uses an 8-point tactile electrode method. Having received FDA approval in the United States and approval of other countries’ authorities, such as in Japan, this product’s high quality and accuracy have been validated.

  • Lightweight, Foldable, Compact e
  • Fast analysis within 30 seconds
  • Built-in results for A4 papers
  • Customized user information 
  • Normal ranges for each category
  • Data transfer to PC via USB storage device


  • Weight, Total Body Water
  • Lean Body Mass,
  • Dry Lean Mass, Body Fat Mass
  • Skeletal Muscle Mass,
  • BMI, Percent Body Fat
    Segmental Lean Mass (right arm, left arm, trunk, right leg, left leg)
  • Fat Control, LBM Control,
  • Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR)
  • Impedance of Each Segments & Frequencies
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